Italian Trattoria

se mangi bene vivi a lungo – if you eat well you live longer

Dolci & Apperitivo


Dessert of the Day £4.50

Coppa Banana

Fresh banana with vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream, almonds, chocolate and salted caramel sauce.


From the world wide acclaimed patisserie, an amaretto coffee soaked sponge with a light mascarpone cream filling

Affogato con Amaretto

Two scoops of vanilla ice cream, espresso coffee with a splash of Amaretto liqueur.

Torta delle Nonna Anna

A classic cake made with cream patisserie, lemon, almond, topped with pine kernels. Served with cream or ice-cream.

Flute al Limoncello

Fresh ice cream with swirls or lemon liqueur sauce.

Frutta del Bosco

Wild berry tart, a classic Italian dessert filled with cream and covered with wild berries


Filled with cream & vanilla or cream & cioccolato.


Vanilla, pistachio, fragola, cioccolato.

All the above served with ice cream or cream 

Cassata Siciliana Ice Cream

Lemon or Orange Sorbet


Decaffeinated Caffe available

Espresso £2.50

Short, black strong

Doppio Espresso £3.50

Double espresso

Americano £2.50   Large £3.00

Large espresso topped with hot water

Cappuccino £2.50   Large £3.00

Espresso with milk, plenty of froth

Latte £3.00   Large £3.50

Espresso with lashings of steamed milk

Mochaccino £3.50

Espresso with Chocolate & steamed milk

Espresso Correto £3.70

Espresso with a dash of liqueur of your choice

Hot Chocolate £3.50




Earl Grey 




Very Berry 




Coffee Liqueurs

Sambuca Coffee £4.90

An exquisite blend of freshly made coffee and sambuca with sugar and smothered in cream

Amaretto Coffee £4.90

Disaronno Amaretto witih strong hot coffee, topped with lightly shaken or whipped cream, brown sugar to sweeten

Grappa Coffee £4.90

A blend of Italian grappa and freshly made coffee, covered with cream. A truly warming experience.

Vecchia Romagna £4.90

Romagna brandy, brown sugar, dark roasted coffee with a topping of delicious fresh cream

Galliano Coffee £4.90

An exquisite  blend of freshly  made coffee and Galliano and brown sugar, smothered in cream

After Dinner Drinks

Sambuca £3.80

Strega £3.80

Limoncello £3.80

Grappa £3.80

Amaretto £3.80

Averna £3.80

Port £3.80

Brandy £3.80

Vecchia Romagna £3.80

Stoc 84 £3.80

Whiskey £3.80

Dessert Wines 50ml £5.50

Vino Santo Mistri