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Italian Trattoria

Drinks Menu

White Wine

House White ,Pinot Grigio, Veneto Italy
£4.00 (175ml)   £5.00 (250ml)   £16.50 (Bottle)

The Italians Favourite , is crisp and refreshingon the palate with a light fresh aroma

Frascati Superiore , Lazio (Bottle) £19.50


The wine boost an elegant structure, with delicate fruity undertones follow by a pleasant aromatic finish

Verdicchio Classico, Marche (Bottle) £19.50


Straw Yellow in colour, this fragrant wine is filled with pineapple and citrus aromas. It’s elegant fresh and well structured with a characteristic palate that as hints of subtle almonds

Sauvignon IGT Friuli Venezia Giulia    (Bottle) £19.50


Typical aroma recalling sage and tomato leaf with citrus note .

Gavi, Piemonte    (Bottle) £21.50


Dile Bianco, Piemonte    (Bottle) £19.50


Red Wine

House Red
Merlot Veneto , Italy
£4.00 (175ml)   £5.00 (250ml)   £17.50 (Bottle)

Lightly spicy and packed with fresh fruit on the palate.

Dile Rosso, Piemonte (Bottle) £19.50

Veneto, Italy
Dry red wine with an intense ruby red colour,
well balanced with a rounded palate.

Syrah , Sicily (Bottle) £19.95

Chianti Classico, Tuscany (Bottle) £21.95

Primitivo, Puglia  (Bottle) £19.95


Amarone Classico Della Valpolicella, Veneto   (Bottle) £36.00


Rose Wine

Vino Rosato
Semidolce Caruso
£4.00 (175ml)   £5.00 (250ml)   £17.50 (Bottle)

Veneto, Italy
Intensely fruity with notes of red berries. A delicate sweetness and aromatic fruits ensure that the flavours last in the mouth.

Pinot Grigio
DOC Blush Poesie
£4.50 (175ml)   £6.00 (250ml)   £18.00 (Bottle)

This is an elegant and fragrant Pinot Grigio Blush, delicately aromatic and deliciously crisp on the palate.

rose  wine

 Pinot Grigio Blush, Veneto, Italy

175ml £4  /  250ml  £5   /  Bottle  £ 16.50

Bardolino Chiaretto , Veneto  

Bottle  £  18.50


Zinfandel , California, USA  

Bottle  £  18.50


Sparkling Wine

Prosecco DOC Extra Dry 
 (200ml) £5.95 

An aromatic fruity bouquet, refreshing on the palate with a pleasant dry aftertaste.

Prosecco DOC Extra Dry
 (Bottle) £20.00 

Delicious aromas of citrus, peach and pear, the taste is well balanced, fruity and fresh with a fine mousse and soft finish.


Peroni Nasto Azzurro (330ml) £3.50

Birra Moretti Zero (330ml) £2.90

Birra Moretti (330ml) £3.50

Birra Ichnusa (330ml) £3.50


Ranch Juices

Orange (200ml) £1.80

Orange, Carrot & Lemon ACE (200ml) £1.80

Apple (200ml) £1.80

Soft Drinks

Coke / Diet Coke £1.60

San Pellegrino Lemonade £1.80

San Pellegrino Sweet Orange £1.80

Sparkling Mineral Water (500ml) £1.80

Still Mineral Water (500ml) £1.80

Tonic Water £1.80