Italian Trattoria

se mangi bene vivi a lungo – if you eat well you live longer


Zuppa Del Giorno  £4.90

Homemade Fresh Soup

Prosciutto Di Parma e Bufala Mozzarella £9.50

Parma ham, bufala mozzarella, artichoke, rocket leaves and balsamic dressing

Polpette Alla Bud Spencer £7.50

Homemade meatball in a garlic, chilli, borlotti beans, and a tomato sauce topped with mozarella

Funghi All’ Aglio £6.90

Button mushroom in garlic, pinot grigio and cream sauce

Calamari Fritti £7.50

Fresh calamari rings, coated in a dressed flour and deep fried, served with tartare sauce and a lemon wedge

Gamberoni Amalfi £10.90

Pan fried tiger prawns with garlic, chilli, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, rosemary, rocket and white wine sauce

Gamberoni Alla Grigliatia £10.90

Chargrilled tiger prawns with lemon, garlic, rosemary, ginger and fresh chilli, served with a sweet chilli dip

Involtini Valdostana £7.90

Filo pastry rolled and filled with fresh asparagus, parma ham and fontina cheese, served with sweet chilli dip

Cocktail di Gamberetti £8.50

Scottish smoked salmon and Norwegian prawns on a bed of mixed leaves, topped with Marie Rose sauce

Mamma Special £11.50

A combination of Gamberoni Grigliati, Involtini Valdostana and Calamari Fritti with tarta sauce and chilli dip

Costine di Maiale £8.50

Spare ribs in our own barbaque sauce 


Caprese £7.90

Sliced tomato, fresh buffalo mozarella, basil leaves, drizzled with homemade basil oil

Da Carlo £10.50

Pan fried smoked chicken pieces with crispy bacon, onions, mushrooms and peppers, served on a bed of mixed leaves, topped with honey and grain mustard dressing

Insalata Di Mare £8.50

Homemade seafood salad with calamari, prawns, mussels, Octopus, clams, olive, peppers, onions, capers, in an olive oil and lemon dressing.

Antipasto Della Casa £11.50

Selection of Italian cured meat, cheese and olives. Served with ciabatta bread

Antipasto di Verdure alla Griglia £8.50

Selection of marinated vegetables, aubergine, courgette, artichoke, sundried tomatoes with rocket leaves, parmesan shaving and pesto

Insalata Mista £4.00

Mixed leaves, onions, tomatoes, mixed pepper, cucumber, green olives and home made dressing 

Insalata Verde £4.00

Mixed leaves, onions, green olives, green peppers, cucumber, asparagus and homemade dressing 

Insalata Rucola, Pomodorini, Parmigiano £4.00

Rocket, cherry tomato, parmesan shaves and lemon olive oil 

Pomodoro £4.00

Slices of vine tomatoes with a red onion and homemade basil oil

Olive Miste Della Puglia  £5.50

Mixed olives from Puglia served with toasted ciabatta, grissini, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and olive taponata


Focaccia Aglio E Formaggio £6.90

Pizza bread with garlic, rosemary and mozzarella

Focaccia Aglio E Pomodoro £6.90

Pizza bread with garlic, tomato and oregano

Focaccia da Carlo £8.50

Pizza bread with rocket, cherry tomato, parma ham, pesto and parmesan shaving

Focaccia Cipolla, Gorgonzola E Basilico £6.00

Pizza bread with caramelised onion, gorgonzola and basil

Bruschetta Giardiniera £5.50

Toasted bread topped with roasted peppers, goats cheese, garlic and olive oil

Bruschetta Paesana £5.90

Toasted bread topped with duck pate, onion chutney and gherkins

Bruschetta Al Pomodoro £5.50

Toasted bread with fresh chopped tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil and olive oil

Bruschetta Piccante £5.90

Toasted bread with spicy nduja sausage and prawns

Le Paste

Da Carlo Trattoria Menu

Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese £9.00 / £12.00

Ribbon pasta tossed in a rich beef ragu

Tagliatelle Alla Royal £16.50

Ribbon pasta with garlic, chilli, fresh monk fish, king scallop, clams, cherry tomato, in a white wine and saffron sauce 

Maccheroni Alla Diavola £9.90 / £12.90

Pasta tubes with Toscan sausage, spicy nduja, garlic, chilli, black olive in a tomato parsley and parmesan

Maccheroni Alla Norcina £10.50 / £13.50

Pasta tubes with Toscan sausage, wild mushroom, onion, garlic, white wine, cream, pecorino cheese and truffle oil 

Farfalle Da Carlo £10.50 / £13.50

Butterfly pasta tossed in garlic, chilli, mixed peppers, courgette, asparagus, pancetta, smoked chicken and rocket with parmesan

Farfalle Salmone £10.50 / £13.50

Butterfly pasta with garlic, smoked salmon, leek, prawns in a cream and cherry tomato sauce

Linguine Allo Scoglio £12.50 / £15.50

Pasta tossed in garlic, chilli, tiger prawns, mussels, clams, calamari and king scallops in a tomato and parsley sauce

Linguine Alle Verdure £9.90 / £12.90

Pasta tossed with garlic, asparagus, courgette, artichoke, mushroom in a cream, pesto and pine nut sauce

Canneloni Alla Sorrentina £12.90

Homemade Crepes filled with minced meat, ricotta cheese, mozarella, parmesan and basil, topped with tomato and mozzarella, oven baked

Lasagna Napoletana £13.50

Homemade mamma style

Ravioli Aragosta £10.50 / £13.50

Homemade lobster ravioli in a cray fish sauce with prawns and tiger prawns

Ravioli Caprese  £10.50 / £13.50

Large Ravioli filled with spinach and buffalo mozzarella in a garlic, tomato basil sauce topped with pesto and smoked scamorza cheese

carne e polli

Battuta Di Pollo £15.50

Breast of chicken grilled with garlic, chilli, lemon and rosemary, served with roasted tomato and mushroom

Pollo Alla Crema £14.90

Tender breast of chicken in a mushroom, cream and white wine sauce

Pollo Sorrento £16.50

Breast of chicken with tiger prawns Norwegian prawns, cherry tomatoes and fresh chilli in a brandy and garlic butter sauce

Pollo Al Pepe Nero £15.00

Pan fried chicken breast in a brandy cream and peppercorn sauce 

Pollo Porri £15.50

Pan fried breast of chicken with pancetta, leeks in a white wine, cream and tarragon sauce 

Pollo Milanese £16.50

Flattened breaded chicken breast, pan fried served with spaghetti al pomodoro

Saltimbocca alla Romana £15.50

Flattened tender fillet of pork, pan fried with parma ham and sage with butter and white wine

Scaloppa di Maiale £15.50

Pork scallops with smoked bacon, shallots, button and wild mushrooms and dolcelatte cheese in Madeira

Scaloppa Dijonese £15.50

Pan fried pork scallops in a brandy, dijon mustard, asparagus, white wine & cream sauce

Scaloppina Al Funghi £15.50

Pork scallops with onions, garlic, wild mushrooms in a Brandy Cream and truffle oil sauce

Fillet Steak  £25.90

Rib Eye Steak   £18.50

All served with a choice of peppercorn sauce / blue cheese cream and mushroom / garlic, parsley and chilli / red wine and mushroom


Piselli £4.00

Peas with pancetta, shallots and a touch of cream

Broccoli Olio, Aglio E Peperoncino £4.00

Fresh broccoli with olive oil, garlic and chilli

Spinaci Burro E Parmigiano £4.00

Pan fried spinach with butter and parmesan cheese

Asparagi Al Burro Parmigiano E Olio Al Tartufo £5.00

Fresh asparagus sauteed with butter, parmesan cheese and truffle oil

Patatine Fritte £3.00


Zucchini Fritte £4.00